Set out a random group of objects from The Phonics Factory drawers.

The Phonics Factory (Box Set) (E1-6211) (Open Library)

The Phonics Factory

LeapFrog Letter Factory Phonics and Numbers

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  • Purposely misplace some of the objects in The Phonics Factory cabinet drawers. Challenge the children to find your mistakes and put the objects in the drawers where they belong.

    drawers of The Phonics Factory. Point out the letter labels on the drawers. Tell the children to put the objects in the drawers so that the beginning letter/sounds match the letters on the labels. Check the students' work and give feedback as necessary. Note that there is no sound difference between words that begin with k and those that begin with c, so children may put the words in either drawer.

  • Empty the drawers of The Phonics Factory cabinet. Mix up all the objects and spread them out on your work area near The Phonics Factory cabinet.

    with special orders for objects with beginning blends. Hand out a bag to each child, and have them search in The Phonics Factory drawers for objects that start with these blends. After the objects have been bagged, ask the children to check each other's work. You can find the list of objects for each beginning blend on page 29.

  • The Phonics Factory drawers work well as sorting containers. For example, if you are working on short vowel sounds, you might use drawers labeled a, e, i, o, and u with a collection of short vowel objects. Students can sort the objects in the drawers, matching the short vowel in the word for the object with the letter on the label. Plastic margarine tubs also work well as sorting containers, or you may make or purchase sorting mats. Laminated sorting mats with two, three, four, and five columns are available from Primary Concepts.

The Phonics Phactory - Gresham, Oregon - GreatSchools

Fun Phonics homeschool reading programs work. I used this to teach my two sons how to read and am currently using it on my 3rd. There are fourteen lessons in each book; all told that when mastered the child can read self sufficiently. There is a CD to listen to for each lesson and to follow along with in your book.

The Phonic Factory homeschool reading programs include a workbook, letter tiles, games, colorful alphabet poster, readers and a handy plastic case for carrying.

After I saw how it worked, I started it with my two year old; we go at our own pace and he's already mastered lesson 1. My oldest son, nine, is reading at a 9th grade level with no other "formal" reading curriculum. He used Phonics Factory for pre-school through 1st grade. They enjoyed the pictures and stories from the CD as well as working in the activity book with crayons.

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