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The Power of the Praying Wife - Devotional Journal - Stormie Omartian

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The Power of a Praying® Wife

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  • An Open Letter to Stormie Omartian ... “The Power of the Praying Wife” and I felt I ... Sometimes it is the woman who is 50 Power of the Praying Wife ....

    update – I left a msg in October. My husband and I divorced in February. We currently still live together as “roommates” for one year to give me a bridge from being co-dependent all my life to hopefully becoming independent. God has come into my life, via the Praying Wife Book, and is doing amazing things!! First….God is giving me a make-over!! It is a make-over from inside out. God has taken me to the root of our marriage problem in order for me to see that – my ex has issues that come from his childhood and I have issues that come from marrying so young and not having any homemaker training! Weird huh? But so true! I was a child bride. God is working with me on this issue and showing me to clean for me…not him! (He will always find something to pick on me about.) I am, just now starting to cook!!!! God has shown me to cook for myself! (He will always criticize my cooking because he doesn’t WANT ME to feel success. He wants to keep me down. He wants to keep control of me so that I cannot be independent. When women become stronger through this process, I can only imagine how many women leave their husbands because they become aware of the abusive control that their husband’s have used.) Little baby steps, God is leading me out of a bondage that has lasted for over forty years. I still pray for my ex-husband because God has shown me not only his strait-jacket addictions he has, but mine as well. My addictions may not be alcohol and sex with other people, but God reveals my addictions are just as damaging to me. I cannot tell you how excited I am about life and how I do not fear what is behind the door, cuz my God shows me – not to run – be still – and we will work together taking baby steps to a person God is calling me to be!!

  • In early 2010, my husband was very unhappy. We had just moved to Mississippi and he wasn't connected to God, he wasn't connected to any real friends here and we were barely connecting as a couple. Believe me, I nagged, I begged, I worried, but none of that helped. I began to read a book called "The Power of the Praying Wife" by Stormie Omartian. I started each day with a specific prayer about my husband and it wasn't always easy. Sometimes I wanted to pray that he choked on his cereal. But, I continued to pray. I also added in a daily Bible reading of my own and continued to connect with other Christian women who prayed for my husband as well. I remember thinking throughout this time, "Is he noticing?" or I questioned God "When are you going to do something with him?"

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