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“It makes The Rook an ideal platform for virtually all media, both new and emerging.”
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Update June 2014 – The Rook is featured in Gourmantic’s 5th Birthday .

The Rook

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  • The Rook’s adventures were also syndicated in 24 countries, in many languages, from mid-seventies to the early nineties in Ediciones Delta’s Dossier Negro and Delta magazines throughout Spain and Europe, Ekim’s Vampirella in Turkey, Ibero Mundial de ediciones Rufus magazine throughout South America and last in Eura Editoriale’s Skorpio Anno in Italy.

    The Rook’s first adventures were sent for printing in December 1976. The character got more fan mail than any other Warren Publication character. By 1979, The Rook gravitated to its own title. Until February 1982, the distribution statistics were held close by the absent Jim Warren. In February, as a matter of federal mandate, circulation statements would be issued for the first and final time for all Warren titles; turned out to be Warren Publications' most popular title, followed by , , and .

  • In 1994 Harris Publications (Comics) would license The Rook for a comic book miniseries, “Chains of Chaos” with longtime Warren Publishing crossover character Vampirella. The following year, Hellboy creator Mike Mignola, Fallen’s creator Tom Sniegoski and Daytime Emmy award-winner Kirk Van Wormer would team up for a five part comic book miniseries, The Rook.

    As Daniel O’Malley’s 2012 supernatural thriller The Rook (book one of THE CHECQUY FILES) begins, Myfanwy Thomas comes to herself with complete amnesia. She’s standing in a London park at night. Surrounding her is a ring of motionless bodies. They are all wearing latex gloves.

    I will rook
    you will rook
    he/she/it will rook
    we will rook
    you will rook
    they will rook

  • Conditional
    I would rook
    you would rook
    he/she/it would rook
    we would rook
    you would rook
    they would rook

    Remember that move I mentioned called “Castling”? It involves the King and the Rook. Castling is a way of protecting the King. It may be done by each opponent only once. You may castle to either the King side or the Queen side. When you castle, you will move the King TWO spaces toward the Rook, and then put the Rook immediately to the other side of the King. It will look like this (the animation demonstrates for both white and black how to castle on the king side and how to castle on the queenside):

The Rook is the 2012 debut novel of Australian author Daniel O'Malley

Built on a Caterpillar, the most dependable line of work vehicles in the world, the Rook is a small, tracked, armored critical incident vehicle designed to allow law enforcement the ability to observe, approach and breach, or deliver completely protected operators from behind custom-installed bulletproof glass and NIJ Level IV armor cab-reinforcement fabrication.