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The Soul of Tone - Celebrating 60 Years of Fender Amps

The Soul of Tone: Celebrating 60 Years of Fender Amps (Book & CD)

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  • The Soul of Tone provides enough detail about the history of Leo Fender's amplifiers to satisfy the most experienced collector, in a style that will hold the interest of a casual fan of popular music and its origins. I was attracted to the book as a reference tool (I try to buy most everything published about the modern guitar, bass, and amplifier topic), but found that it also offered some great stories about the people behind the brand, relationships with competitors, and how it all fit together. The photos are clear, plentiful, and cover the amps from the very beginning. Not much is left out out.

    The handsome special collectors edition of The Soul of Tone features a hard outer sleeve with a metal Fender amp logo badge, and is signed by Tom Wheeler. This 1,000-copy custom limited edition piece is available only from Fender Musical Instruments Corporation.

  • Yesterday I started my series on “The Soul of Tone” Today I have a guest post from CJ Natale who is the leader of “Nusound Worship.” I have known CJ and his family for years and even crashed on their couch. Their Father John Natale is an itinerant minister and Nusound travels with him when he ministers around the world. Today CJ gives us a look at his guitars, his effects, and his amps. Following this he shares his thoughts on tone.

    From the tweeds, browns and blondes, up through the Cyber amps, Custom Amp Shop models and the latest reissues, this book covers the entire Fender amplifier legacy--not just the technical specs and cosmetic details but also the stories of the people who designed and played these instruments. More than just tubes, transformers and speakers, The Soul of Tone celebrates post-War American culture, art and innovation, as reflected in the revolutionary designs of Leo Fender and his successors.

  • I have set myself on a quest for the soul of Tone. For an understanding of the dynamic nature of tone. Ye, I stole the title of this blog series from Fender’s 60th anniversary slogan, but when I read that slogan, I felt a stirring of my spirit to truly understand the soul of tone.

The Soul Of Tone from Hal Leonard

The Soul of Tone is exhaustive. It covers the stories of every Fender amp made with many technical and cosmetic details plus the inside story about some of the quirky reasons why certain models are the way they are. There are insights to Leo Fender's holistic approach to guitar amp design succinctly put: his amps are musical extensions of his guitars. Fender was one of the first amp companies seeking to improve their products by soliciting feedback from artists and the book has exclusive interviews with guitar players like: Les Paul, Dick Dale, Billy Gibbons, Peter Frampton, and Albert Lee. The book also has countless rare photos of early guitar pioneers shown with their Fender amps.