The first floor of the Succubus Club.

The Succubus Club is an always popular and busy club in the city.

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The Succubus Club

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  • When open, the Succubus Club is never empty. The regulars provide the club with the cash flow it requires to stay operating, while the weekend rush gives it its substantial operating profit. The regulars, primarily Blood Dolls and trendy Yuppies, remain primarily on the club's ground floor. They only venture into the infamous basement labyrinth on those rare occasions when they seek more dangerous thrills.

    The ancient brick warehouse which holds the Succubus Club looms over State Street like a brooding titan, projecting an image of solidity and stability which belies the madness within. A sense of the Succubus Club's true nature begins with a look at the hordes of people outside, all struggling and battling to be let in. Two hulking bouncers stand guard at the double doors, more on the look out for the unstylish than the underage.

  • The layout of Succubus Club is not unique. It is as large as the most clubs in Los Angeles and New York and has a reputation as one of the most unique of the mega clubs. In terms of size the Succubus Club rivals anything on the two coasts, but when it comes to atmosphere the Succubus Club surpasses them all. Extravagant amounts of money were spent in the design of the club, the procurement of the very best in sound equipment, lights and decoration.

    The Succubus Club is divided into three different areas which act as three completely different nightclubs. There is the punk hangout in the basement, known as the "Labyrinth", a central club located on the main floor and as "Reality," and a large balcony above and overlooking Reality known as "Elysium". The Labyrinth has its own outside entrance in the back of the club and is clearly marked with its own neon sign. A number of signs at the top of the stairs indicate when one enters Elysium, but "Reality" is only an nickname marked by no signs. Other areas of note are the VIP Lounge and Brennon Thornhill's private suite, as well as the Helena's secret haven located in the basement.

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  • Title  The Succubus Club: Dead Man's Party
    Author  Richard Chillot and Christopher Kobar
    Book Type  Other Rules
    Rank: [ 2074 / 2144 ]
    Genre  Horror
    Setting  Classic World of Darkness
    Edition Info  White Wolf Publishing (2003)
    Stock: 2409
    ISBN: 1-58846-240-4
    System  Vampire: The Masquerade 3
    Parent: [ Storyteller System ]

    The original site of the Succubus Club was opened in Chicago in 1982 under the management of Brennon Thornhill, childe of Chicago's Prince Lodin. The club served as the premier meeting place and Elysium of most of the vampires of the greater Chicago area (including many of the Kindred of Gary, Indiana). The Club was actually constructed over the haven of the torpid Methuselah Helena, thanks to the efforts of her ghoul, Prias.

The Succubus Club - White Wolf - Wikia

I think that coming up with decent stories to weave into an unknown chronicle is a tougher than coming up with a random D&D module, so although it is not great, I think that the Succubus Club did a reasonably good job at coming up with a set of them, given the difficulty of the task. They are, however, mostly pretty closely tied to the Chicago setting, and would require a good deal of conversion to use most of them anywhere else. As a read, the book is decent, although the art is sparse and not great. Plus, it’s pretty cheap to pick up these days (either alone or in Chicago by Night, Volume 1), and I consider it worth picking up if you’re interested in checking out the history of V:tM.