The things we lost in the fire fire fire

Let’s tell the world all the things we’ve done


The Things We Keep: A Novel

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  • This may not be a second hand story but it is a story close to the writer’s heart who over the years have heard from family and friends with similar viewpoints. The things we treasure is not necessarily diamond or gold.

    The things we treasure has no price tag. Our children, our treasure too has no price tag. My treasure is not any diamond, gold or any precious gems. It is something I hold dear in my heart, even old and worn.

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    Thinking about the things we used to do
    Every night I sit here by my window
    Staring at the lonely avenue,
    Watching lovers holding hands and laughing
    Thinking about the things we use to do.

    Thinking of things
    Like a walk in the park
    Things, like a kiss in the dark
    Things, like a sailboat ride
    What about the night we tried

    Things, like a lover's vow
    Things, that we don't do now
    Thinking about the things we use to do.

    I can hear a jukebox softly playing
    And the face I see still belongs to you,
    Now I'm not thinking 'bout just how much I love you
    I'm thinking about the things we use to do.

    (Repeat chorus)
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    The verses before and after Colossians 3:1-2 are concerned about living a godly life. We are encouraged to avoid a life that is characterized by “dos” and “don’ts.” We are not to measure our standard of holiness by the things that we avoid. Instead, God measures our lives by what we desire to do and what we do. Are you desiring and seeking to live for God, to live according to your new life in Jesus Christ? If so,

The things we lost in the fire, fire, fire

And I was still a staff sergeant because I had been out for that long, and I was the old man, and it was hard to believe that the things that we put on the shoulders of the young people in the military, because I had been out long enough to say I'd worked now for Proctor & Gamble for a while, you know, and things were important, but they weren't like it was when, you know, you go out there and you're sitting on that bird, and there's lightning and stuff around you.