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  • The first step in increasing the value of business relationships is to understand the relationships your organization maintains. The challenge is to weed through every existing relationship to evaluate and classify each one.

    Assessing the value of your relationship necessitates a thorough inspection of all the areas. Trouble is, once you've been in a relationship for a while, it can be hard to evaluate your situation objectively. For example, it might be hard to gauge how much fighting is normal. Periodic arguing, even the occasional blowout, is not unusual. Constant bickering, however, is a sign of serious problems. If you can't get through the day without making or hearing a nasty comment, it could suggest built-up resentment or even contempt. In architectural terms, your house is rotting, and it’s time to tear that sucker down.

  • The objective is to make sure calls are handled quickly and do not have to be transferred for requests or problems to be resolved. The primary goal is to build the value of every relationship with each interaction.

    People buy from other people that they know, like and trust. There has been much written about the value of establishing relationships with your prospective customers in order to close more sales. Every sales trainer for the last 50 years has espoused the usefulness of building relationships as part of what they have taught. Famous quotes that you would recognize on the subject number in the dozens, if not the hundreds.

  • The value of relationships. We will take new practicalsteps to develop an atmosphere where personal, deepening,supportive, faith-building relationships of love are highly valuedas expressions of our passion for the supremacy of God's love.

The Value Of Business Relationships: One Constant In A Changing World

Today we will focus on Fresh Initiative #1, "The Value of Relationships." Then we will take one a week for the next fourweeks before we take a Christmas and a Prayer Week detour. So Iinvite you to look at page three.