Civilization : the West and the rest.

1. Civilization: The West and The Rest:

Civilization: The West and the Rest

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  • Modernity process has been occuring in east side countries with the domination from west countries. “The West and The Rest” term is a well known description in this problem through years.

    At this ESMT Open Lecture, Harvard professor Niall Ferguson discussed and debated issues raised in his latest book Civilization: The West and the Rest.

  • From one of our most renowned historians, Civilization: The West and the Rest is the definitive history of Western civilization's rise to global dominance---and the "killer applications" that made this improbable ascent possible.

    It is not my habit to reply to hostile book reviews, but a personal attack that amounts to libel is another matter. Pankaj Mishra purports to discuss my book Civilisation: The West and the Rest, but in reality his review is a crude attempt at character assassination, which not only mendaciously misrepresents my work but also strongly implies that I am a racist ().

    Civilization: The West and the Rest
    Niall Ferguson
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  • Civilization: The West and the Rest
    Niall Ferguson
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    Ferguson himself is homo atlanticus redux. In a preface to the UK edition of Civilisation: The West and the Rest, he writes of being seduced away from a stodgy Oxbridge career, early in the 2000s, to the United States, ‘where the money and power actually were’. The author of two previous books about 19th-century banking, Ferguson became known to the general public with The Pity of War (1998), a long polemic, fluent and bristling with scholarly references, that blamed Britain for causing the First World War. According to Ferguson, Prussia wasn’t the threat it was made out to be by Britain’s Liberal cabinet. The miscalculation not only made another war inevitable after 1919, and postponed the creation of an inevitably German-dominated European Union to the closing decades of the 20th century, it also tragically and fatally weakened Britain’s grasp on its overseas possessions.

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Scruton stresses the uniqueness of the Western achievement. Thanks in part to a Christian heritage that emphasized the separation of church and state, as well as virtues such as forgiveness that promoted social reconciliation of differences, states arose in the west based on territory rather than creed. In these western states, citizenship and rights were based on a social contract rooted in the popular will. Such was not the case in Islam, where identity came from faith alone, and states had no legitimacy outside that faith. Thus the west went on to experience the scientific revolution and Enlightenment, and developed both a respect for the authority of secular law and a glittering material civilization. An ironic by-product of Western success has been a culture of repudiation in which many Westerners reject the very cultural values that made their civilization. Scruton believes that contemporary causes like multiculturalism leave the West vulnerable to outside attack. He urges Westerners to reexamine and cherish the roots of their civilization. He also urges them to foreswear a drive to globalization that forces contact between western mores and peoples culturally antagonistic to them. Scruton’s The West and the Rest is a timely and thought-provoking book.