Two Moons by Joseph Henry Sharp. Painted at Lame Deer, Montana

There are two moons today, two, moons, moons at night

Mars has two small moons that are illustrated in the following figures, Phobos and Deimos.
Two Moons
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(EXO) Two Moons, Two Moons, Two Moon

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  • Many planets in our solar system have more than one moon. Mars has two moons, Jupiter has 67, Saturn 62, Uranus 27, Neptune 14. Those numbers keep changing, and you can see from NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. It makes sense that the outer worlds, with their stronger gravity, would have more moons. Meanwhile, our planet Earth has just one moon. Doesn’t it?

    In Arizona this was actually an eclipse and for a brief bit of time it did appear that there were two moons or an odd shaped moon. Sort of a figure eight, kept shifting as we watched.. then the moon went red/brown and orange.. very cool effect! :)

  • yo,yo,yo geese man we are totally psyched out. we are in in our hot pink convertible wait'in for this '' what ya''all call TWO MOONS'' We got our phycadelic lava lamps sitt'in out on our (what we call) totally hipped out tables. We are hipped out of sight.

    I don't know much about orbits and astronomy but wouldn't two moons that close to the earth cause huge monsoons, earthquakes, and all kinds of damage to the planet?

    Two Moons
    Location Hoarfrost Depths
    Prerequisites None
    Leads to None
    Mission Defeat Ephnesien (*P)

    (30 BP given)

    Time limit 60 minutes
    Battle limit No Limits
    Minimum level 52
    Recommended 56
    Mid boss(es)  ???
    End Boss(es) Ephnesien, Nesien
    Evil Cores Max: 4
    Min: 2
    Ability Points (AP) Max: 40
    Min: 10
    Rewards 5,500

  • There's nothing like an eyewitnessand I'm certainly one of them. This is not man's creation, the mathematics to the whole "phenomena" as it has been called, can be calculated and proven that I saw what I saw (and though supposedly, I wasn't in the ideal location for viewing, it was clearly visible to my naked eye), whatever label you want to give to it whether it be "two moons" or "lunar eclipse".

[ChanYeol] Two Moons, Two Moons

No you’re not gonna shoulda woulda this and coulda woulda that
cuz we’re never coming back to this trap
See those two full moons, you’re the chosen knight
go and spread good news, cuz we got no time