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What Are The Different Types Of Books

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  • It is best to start categorizing books as fiction and non-fiction. There are again different types of books that fall into these different categories. For instance, a fictional book that involves science with action is generally referred to as sci-fi book or a thriller. Pure fictions are generally those books that are made up, but some of the elements of these books are generally made of truths or real facts, and these elements are elaborated in such a manner, so that a completely new story can be created.

    On Monday, December 06, Google Inc. officially announced the launch of its new service. This is, without a doubt, the largest collection of all types of books of different genres and by different authors of all epochs. Most of them are available for sale in —but only to the U.S. citizens so far.

  • There are again some different genres of books because the fictional and the non-fictional books are divided into different categories. Some of these popular genres include drama, satire, anthology, history, children, travel, guide, poetry, encyclopedia, horrors, thrillers, journals, diaries, cookbooks, prayer books, series and many more to mention. Among them, the satires and anthologies are considered to be the two most interesting genres. Satires are generally written to make fun of something, but it is again different from humor while on the other hand, the anthologies are generally the compilations of different works. Apart from that, if you want, you can also explore on the different types of books that are available, and you can be assured that learning about these books and their different categories would indeed be a fun-filled and entertaining experience for you.

    There are some types of books that are written exclusively for children, and these books deeply focus on the young and immature minds of children. Most of these books are written with images, so that it is easier for children to read and understand, and consequently, they can also gain lots of values from it. There are also some books written which contain little or no texts, and these have lots of real stories to tell. Children really love to go through these books, and visualize stories in sequence. Some of these books might also be participation books which might encourage the children to participate in different activities.

  • Reference Books are specific types of books that can be useful to your research. Reference books can be general, such as the Encyclopedia Americana or Webster's Dictionary, or focused on a specific subject, such as The Encyclopedia of Food and Culture or Black's Law Dictionary.

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We recently conducted a poll on Good e-Reader for the last month that asked the question, “What types of books do you read on your e-reader?” It was prompted by a I wrote last month. The gist of the conundrum was that I tend to by more trashy books on my e-reader and more serious reads in print. During the course of the poll, 246 people voted and here are the results.