The "years" of the Tzolkin calendar are not counted.


The Mayans also had the Tzolkin calendar - which means count of days. It was 260 days long

the names and numbers in the Tzolkin calendar advance in parallel.

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    Now that you have a few basic facts about the Tzolkin calendar, let's consider what this calendar might be timing.

    Tzolk’in is a clock of universal time and was extensively used in Mayan inscriptions and codes for example symbols from the Tzolkin are carved into the stonework of the ancient Mayan pyramids. Mayan Time Science isn't astrological, isn't based on the stars, the planets or anything physical either. It can be confusing because it’s unfamiliar territory for the modern mind. It is an entirely new and also unfamiliar world based on nothing familiar to our common understanding of the World. The Tzolkin calendar expresses fluid, spiraling cycles of alternating life energy moving through space and time that continuously flow and encompasses the ever changing evolutionary process of living beings. As you become more familiar with the Tzolk’in round, it will get clearer.

  • The Tzolkin is not a "mechanical" version of time based on where our planet is, in relation to it's physical orbit around our Sun. The Tzolkin calendar expresses fluid, spiralling-cycles of alternating life energy moving through space and time, that continuously flow and encompasses the ever-changing evolutionary process of living beings.

    Following each day, as it turns in the Tzolkin calendar, is a powerful step in aligning your life with the changing daily energies of universal mind. This is about much more than counting "time" as you may think of time now. Following each day in the Tzolkin will become an experience as you pay attention to the movements of energy from day-to-day within your own life. You open yourself to working with the very real daily energies by simply being aware of the symbols of the Glyphs and Tones according to the Tzolkin calendar round.

    "How? through the use of the Dreamspell Oracle to arouse and reconstruct the memory of galactic time. By reconstructing the third-dimensional space suit, the human body, with its fourth-dimensional holon, galactic time is the direct revelation of the law of the kin. In the law of the kin, all kin are equal. It is for the planetary kin, equal and free, to create a path of power for the rainbow nation that is completely liberated of all institutions, money, war, poverty." From "The Mayan Factor, Path Beyond Technology" Dr. Argüelles. The Mayan Dreamspell calendar by Jose Argüelles is based on the Mayan Tzolkin Calendar - see the Dreamspell Tzolkin.

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    There are 260 days in the Tzolkin calendar compared to the 365-day cycle of the Gregorian calendar. Due to this, the Tzolkin new year begins on a different Gregorian date each cycle.

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The Tzolkin calendar is their sacred calendar. The energies of the day were so important that before incarnating, each soul would choose which Day Keeper, or Sun Sign, to be born under. Tribal members thus knew the purpose of that soul’s reason for incarnating on earth and would nurture the child’s associated talents and skills.