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Official Songs of the United States Armed Forces: 5 Piano Solos and a Medley (Intermediate / Late Intermediate Piano)

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  • The United States Armed Forces ornament is a small token of how grateful we are to the Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, and Coast Guard. Since our nation's founding, the primary obligation of the national government has been the common defense of these United States.

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  • The United States Armed Forces consists of six units: the ,, , , , and . Together, they make up the official fighting force of the .

    Happy Veterans Day – finally to all veterans who honorably served before, with and along side me and to most especially to those who are serving in various locations in America and throughout the globe right now! I am blessed, honored and privileged to be a member of the most unique fraternity on this earth: the United States Armed Forces!
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    United States armed forces
    Military manpower
    Military age18 years of age
    Availabilitymales age 15-49: 70,819,436 (2001 est.)
    Reaching military age annuallymales: 2,039,414 (2001 est.)
    Military expenditures
    Dollar figure$329.15 billion (FY2002 est.)
    Percent of GDP3.2% (FY1999 est.)

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    USAFUnited States Air Force
    USAFUnited States Armed Forces (less common)
    USAFUnited States Aikido Federation
    USAFUnited Student Aid Funds
    USAfUnited States of Africa (political concept)
    USAFUK Student Accommodation Fund
    USAFUpper St. Anthony Falls (lock on the Mississippi River in Minneapolis, MN)
    USAFUnited States Armwrestling Federation
    USAFUnited States Arbitrage Finance II, LLC
    USAFUS Aircraft Finance
    USAFUniversity of South Alabama Foundation
    USAFUnited States of America Football
    USAFUniversal Service and Access Fund
    USAFUnited States Aerobatic Foundation, Inc. (Possum Kingdom Lake, Texas)
    USAFUdayani Social Action Forum (Calcutta, India)

    'Please Bless all who serve in the United States Armed Forces to secure and protect our country, lives and freedoms and dear God please especially watch over and care for all our troops now who are in harms way.
    Reach out to all our service people, even more so those that maybe far from their native homes and family and manifest your presence in their lives so that might know you, feel your comfort and have faith they are not alone.
    Lord, hold all our service people in your loving hands. Protect them as they protect us Bless them and their families for the selfless acts they perform for us and our country the United States of America. Amen.'

United States Armed Forces Association

Predating the United States Armed Forces, and every other large fighting force in the world, was the need for reliable and predictable distribution of food, weapons, and other military goods. While the logistical capability of the United States Armed Forces is ultimately constrained by the United States Congress, which determines its funding, and the United States economy at large, branch leaders are the ones who decide what supplies are given, as long as it is within the financial constraints set by Congress.