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Even if one could show conclusively that the United States was founded specifically on Christianity, where exactly does that take us? In a word, it takes us nowhere!

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  • Is the United States a "Christian nation"? Some Americans think so. Religious Right activists and right-wing television preachers often claim that the United States was founded to be a Christian nation. Even some politicians agree. If the people who make this assertion are merely saying that most Americans are Christians, they might have a point. But those who argue that America is a Christian nation usually mean something more, insisting that the country should be officially Christian. The very character of our country is at stake in the outcome of this debate.

    There is an ongoing debate on when the United States was founded. Many historians opine that the United States of America was founded when Thomas Jefferson drafted and proclaimed the . All the delegates who signed the draft of the declaration are known as the , the term which includes those who signed the declaration as well as those who framed the constitution. One should not confuse between the founding of the United States and the discovery of the Americas.

  • There is little doubt that the upon which the United States was founded are indeed found in the Bible. Equality, liberty, and justice are all biblical principles. The faith of the founders, on the other hand, will continue to be debated. Did the founders respect God and the Christian religion? Absolutely. Were they influenced by the Bible? Surely. Were they all born-again believers in Jesus Christ? No.

    For some of those who claim that the United States is a Christian nation, this consideration is all that matters. If so, this is correct. Christianity was a dominant system of thought at the time the United States was founded. Most of the time, however, this claim means more than just what the dominant religion was at the time the U.S. was founded.

  • The Masonic tradition at that time was highly steeped in OCCULTISM. The Masons were all practicing CEREMONIAL MAGICIANS. George Washington, wearing a Masonic apron, actually performed a Masonic (occult) rite when the cornerstone of the capital was laid and he placed a box containing Masonic medallions in that cornerstone. The signing of the Declaration of Independence was based on astrological timing worked out by one of the Founding Fathers. July 4th, 1776 at 12:00 noon at Philadelphia (PA) was very significant. That very time is when John Hancock placed his signature on the Declaration. They wanted to make sure that all of the “signs” were propitious for this infant country. Would Christians go to this trouble? Absolutely NOT! Consequently, the United States was founded by occultists based on occult principles.

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Many of the United States Founding Fathers were at the Constitutional Convention, where the Constitution was hammered out and ratified. George Washington, for example, presided over the Convention. James Madison, also present, wrote the document that formed the model for the Constitution.