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  • Our alumni stay connected to us directly and through the Up with People International Alumni Association (UWPIAA), which is a partner non-profit organization established for the benefit of UWP alumni worldwide.

    There is no more important group of individuals in the world that contributes daily to the success of Up with People than our global network of more than 21,000 Alumni.

  • We are proud of our alumni network, which grows every year as we welcome new participants to our international program. We are thankful to all those who continue to support Up with People in many ways, including:

    Now, the woman who last Friday opens up to PEOPLE about their prolonged estrangement, as she describes Fontaine as "brilliant and very gifted," but essentially flawed.

  • The 1970’s stayed pretty constant with marching bands, the annoying Stepford Children’s chorus that was “Up With People”, and the occasional broadway or AM radio star – Andy Williams, Ella Fitzgerald, more Carol Channing, more Up With People. Not much change.

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The Up With People theme song was written in 1965 by Paul and Ralph Colwell, and it has been performed countless times in Up With People shows throughout the world.

I was deeply honored to travel with Up With People for two years as the drummer and band director (in casts 79A and 80D), and I always loved performing the song. It is a positive, uplifting, magnificent number about people caring for, helping, and loving others -- and that is what Up With People is all about: people caring for, helping, and loving others.

Much love to my brothers and sisters from Up With People. I made this video for all of you.


I love you all,

Kevin Caruso
Up With People
Drummer, Band Director
79A, 80D