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People need to look up ‘Lion King’ on Urban Dictionary. Apologies in advance
Urban Dictionary
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People need to look up ‘Lion King’ on Urban Dictionary. Apologies in advance

Urban Dictionary: Freshest Street Slang Defined

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  • TAG : LOL. Bravo, Epi, bravo. High time HBD made it to urban dictionary.
  • Urban Dictionary is a Web-based dictionary of english slang words and phrases. A veritable cornucopia of streetwise lingo, posted and defined by its readers.

    Learn the definitions of fart lapse, armpitties, postboned, fapidextrous, just ducky, ear boner, friendscaping, antistalking, ABC sex, and literally according to Urban Dictionary.

  • Other courts linked "iron" to handguns, "dap" to fist bumping and "grenade" to, well, "the solitary ugly girl always found with a group of hotties," as Urban Dictionary describes it.

    Urban Dictionary, eh? What could a "Tony Danza" possibly be? There are 15 entries, and 11 of them roughly describe the same sexual act. Here's the highest ranked entry:

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    Learn the definition of sporking, store d'oeuvres, clutch oven, manstand, nerdjack, irish handcuffs, manther, mompetition, and interesting according to Urban Dictionary.

Urban Dictionary, July 8: Facebookonality

Urban Dictionary is the user generated slang dictionary website and mobile application. Users can contribute and look up words like “niteflix” (dreams so real they feel like films) among seven million other user-submitted words and definitions.