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Van Helsing

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  • TAG : Van Helsing's personality is described by , his former student, thus:
  • Van Helsing had a son who died. Van Helsing says that his son, had he lived, would have had a similar appearance to . Consequently, Van Helsing developed a particular fondness of Holmwood. Van Helsing's wife went insane after their son's death, but as a devout Catholic, he refuses to divorce her.

    Gabriel Van Helsing is the protagonist and titular character of and . He is a monster hunter under the employ of the Vatican. Although the full measure of his past is unknown, it is known that he is the human reincarnation of the archangel Gabriel and is the 'Left Hand of God'.

  • is a total re-imagination of a timeless brand, set in a world dominated and controlled by vampires. Vanessa Helsing is the last hope for survival, as she unknowingly awakens to discover she has a unique blood composition that makes her not only immune to vampires, but with the ability to turn a vampire human. With this secret weapon, Vanessa becomes a prime target for the vampires, while trying to save humanity.

    "Van Helsing represents a new mythology in sci-fi by challenging traditional vampire rules," said Chad Oakes, Co-Chairman of Nomadic Pictures (Fargo, Hell on Wheels). "The series is unique in exploring a world completely dominated by vampires, while the human characters have to learn the importance of working together to ensure their survival."

    Gabriel Van Helsing
    Species Human
    Sex Male
    Occupation Vigilante Monster Hunter
    Love Interest(s) Anna Valerious
    Portrayer Hugh Jackman
    Appearance(s) Van Helsing

  • Van Helsing: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
    Soundtrack album by Alan Silvestri
    Released May 4, 2004
    Recorded 2004
    Genre Soundtrack
    Length 43:45
    Label Decca Records
    Producer Alan Silvestri, David Bifano

    In addition to this, Van Helsing has a well-developed, albeit ironic, sense of humor. When Arthur Holmwood mournfully proclaims that the transfusion of his blood into the dying Lucy Westenra made her truly his bride, Van Helsing laughs and tells Jack Seward that if such is the case, both Van Helsing and Lucy are guilty of adultery, as Arthur was not alone in donating blood; Seward, his friend , and Van Helsing himself had each given as well.

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Sommers expanded the story of Van Helsing in two direct spin-offs:

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