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Vegan Under Pressure: Perfect Vegan Meals Made Quick and Easy in Your Pressure Cooker

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  • First, it is not enough that you are eating vegetables. You must make sure that you are also cooking your veggies right. Vegan cooking entails not frying your greens but simply eating them raw or steaming them if necessary. One common misconception is that vegetables are always healthy. That is no longer true once you fry your vegetables. In fact, it is healthier to eat meat than fried vegetables for the reason that the texture of veggies allows it to absorb oil. It works like an oil sponge so the moment that you fry your veggies, you can be sure that you eat way more than the healthy daily fat dosage. That is a big no no. What you want to do is to eat it raw like a salad (just make sure that it is washed very well) or for those that can get pretty hard, steam it to cook such as broccoli. This tip is the start of the journey for Vegan Cooking Made Easy.

    that they have this impression that vegan cooking is tough. Most have this mindset that cooking a special meal with just vegetables will make one work for it and the preparation to do it every time will be very hard. It entails special recipes or else everything will taste dull and bland. You also have to shop in special places to go with your vegan diet. There is nothing farther from the truth. In fact, vegan cooking is very simple and easy. Think about it – cooking meat is always more difficult than cooking vegetables. However, there are some things that you must keep in mind. Read more below, you will be able to know some tips on how making Vegan Cooking Made Easy for you.

  • Second, try to buy organic and not commercialized vegetables. Do you realize how many chemicals are required for commercial companies to meet the huge demand? That is why going organic is way better. That way, you can free your body from unwanted chemicals that will later take its toll on you. The good thing is, many groceries now have an organic section due to the increasing awareness in “going back to basics”. That way, it is no longer necessary to take a long trip to a whole foods grocery. You will also realize how it will make your vegan cooking tastier and not just healthier. Buying the right vegetables is essential for learning Vegan Cooking Made Easy.

    If you have been a vegan for a while and you find yourself eating the same things over and over and you are getting sick and tired of it, or if you are new in this vegan thing and you are not sure what vegan cooking entails, the solution to your dilemma is simple – go and get yourself a recipe book. Yes, there is now a recipe book for vegans because more and more people are trying to live healthier. Everything that you could possibly need is there from the ingredients to how to cook. Going vegan does not mean that you will have to suffer and eat bland food day in and day out. With the proper know how, you will realize that vegan cooking is not only simpler and healthier but yummier too. Vegan cooking is not made easy because it is already easy at its core. Hope this article helps a lot for stock knowledge regarding Vegan Cooking Made Easy.

  • There was a standing-room-only crowd for Vera Hampton’s, “Vegan Cooking Made Easy” presentation at the VegFest. Also, VegMichigan cooking classes at Whole Foods are drawing bigger crowds every month. Check our for our next cooking class.

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