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I recently read a review in Pattern Review about the Vogue Sewing Book which was reprinted in 2006 - you might be interested in reading it.

Vogue Sewing, Revised and Updated

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  • Hardcover Vogue Sewing Book with cardboard slipcase, 1970, stated first edition, edited by Patricia Perry. A classic sewing instruction book! Book is in very nice condition, slipcase has a light stain on the bottom There are 416 pages.

    About four months ago, I bought the new Vogue Sewing Book at Barnes and Noble. It is an updated version which gives you the kind of basic, detailed information you expect from Vogue. This is not a hard thing to find.

  • I have an old Vogue sewing book from the '70's. I recently purchased a newer one from 2004 on Amazon. It has many new short cuts and info.

    My understanding is that the vogue sewing book is currently out of print, but I would look at a used book store for it, the last one I was in had 5 copies for $3.00 each. I believe, however, that due to the recent resurgence of the home sewer Vogue is once again updating and re-publishing this book.

    The New Vogue Sewing Book
    Snippet view - 1980

  • I have the original version of the Vogue Sewing Book, and it's certainly a great reference. Until I saw your question, I didn't realize there was a new version. The other day as I was surfing the WalMart website, just for fun, I searched for the Vogue book, and whoopee!, they have the new version! It was ~$18.95 with I had previously asked for advice regarding what books people would recommend and one of the suggestions was Vogue's Sewing Book. One person even gave me an item number so that I could order it from their website but I still could not seem to locate the item. Does anyone have this book? And if so, can you give me any information about it? What year was it published, how many pages is it, what is on the cover? I do find a couple of Vogue Sewing Books on Amazon but cannot determine if they will be helpful to me since I am unable to look inside the book..97 shipping, which means that you can get it delivered right to your door for just under $20!!!!

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I was given my Vogue Sewing Book for high school graduation 40 years ago. I believe this is one of those classics that is continuously republished. I did an online search and also found it on Amazon. I actually found a copy of my old version on e-bay for $4.99 opening bid. Amazing! I have found this to be an invaluable resource for all kinds of sewing information. Good luck!