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Q, the Earliest Gospel: An Introduction to the Original Stories and Sayings of Jesus

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  • Logos Bible Software is offering another excellent book for their “Free Book of the Month” Promotion. Last year these were all out-of-copyright classics widely available on the internet for free. Last month they offered one of the Armchair Theologian series from Westminster John Knox Press, this month (SPCK, 2010), and printed in the US by Baker Academic in 2011. Moyise is a professor of biblical studies at the University of Chichester and has written a number of books on the use of scripture in Revelation and Paul. This 140-page book is an excellent introduction to how Jesus used scripture, beginning in Mark, then Matthew and Luke, and finally John. There are a few text-boxes throughout the book that offer brief definitions / expansions on some technical/scholarly issues (What is Q? The Criteria of Authenticity, etc.) While there is nothing ground-breaking in this little book, it is a very nice introduction to some of the problems of Historical Jesus studies, and Moyise is able to explain some difficult problems clearly and concisely.

    This addition to Westminster John Knox Press's Library of Theological Ethics series brings one of Reinhold Niebuhr's classic works back into print. This 1935 book answered some of the theological questions raised by Moral Man and Immoral Society (1932) and articulated for the first time Niebuhr's theological position on many issues. The introduction by ethicist Edmund N. Santurri sets the work into historical and theological context and also assesses the viability of some of Niebuhr's positions for theology and ethics today.

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    The Presbyterian Hymnal
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    This exceptional hymnal features more than six hundred hymns, psalms, and spiritual songs in contemporary language that is both familiar and inclusive.

  • Reverberations of Faith
    Reverberations of Faith has been released by Walter Brueggemann Read online / download as corverted from text to PDF
    James L. Crenshaw and John T. Willis (New York: KTAV Publishing House, 1974
    ), 1-22; Janzen, Waldemar, Old Testament Ethics: A Pragmatic Approach (
    Louisville, Ky.: Westminster John Knox Press, 1994); Muilen- burg, James, The
    Way of ...

    Logos Bible Software has offered a free book each month for quite some time. Usually these were out-of-copyright classics that were widely available on the internet for free. This month, however, they are offering one of the Armchair Theologian series from Westminster John Knox Press: by Stephen R. Haynes and Lori Brandt Hale. Haynes is no stranger to Bonhoeffer studies, having written The Bonhoeffer Phenomenon: Portraits of a Protestant Saint and The Bonhoeffer Legacy: Post-Holocaust Perspectives. He is currently Professor of Religious Studies at Rhodes College in Memphis and Theologian-in-Residence at Idlewild Presbyterian Church. Lori Hale is Associate Professor of Religion and Director of General Education at Augsburg College in St. Paul, Minnesota. Her University of Virginia dissertation was entitled “Love Your Enemies? Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Question of the Other” and she has contributed numerous articles on Bonhoeffer.

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Austin Presbyterian Theological Seminary and Westminster John Knox Press have begun work on an ambitious new commentary series that will follow the Revised Common Lectionary, titled Connections.