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Who is searching for me online and why is he seeking my complete information without my consent

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  • Just as this applies to other people, it also applies to you. Have you ever wondered, “Who has Googled my name…who is searching for me?” If so, you’ve probably looked online to see what the search results reveal. You’ve probably been quite surprised at all of the information that is readily available to anyone who does a quick internet search. Everyone can see this, from friends and potential love interests to your boss, as well as total strangers.

    How many times have you wondered “who is searching for me” online? Now you can figure out if someone has searched for your name online and can also find out your long lost friends and relatives. Read more to know how…

  • Who is searching for me on Facebook? And Are you able to find out who has visited your profile? Unfortunately not. So don't believe any of the links that claim you can - you will be Facebook hacked.

    By paying closely attention to Facebook's algorithm, you can possibly make the assumption certain people visit your profile more than others.

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