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Gravity Falls: Journal 3

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  • I've pressed mine into service as a travel journal, and so it might take a couple of years to fill it and put it through all its paces and abuses. My review is based on 11 pages of writing with a Pelikan M215 sporting a 0.5mm cursive italic nib, loaded with Sailor Jentle Blue, and brief test-writing with five other pen-ink combinations on one of the two extra, loose sheets that came with this journal.

    Write this down: Journals are a fun way to express your inner-most thoughts (plus they're great for writing a to-do list for a 3-day weekend to the beach). Our journals bring a special touch and your unique personality to the page. These attention-getting personal journals make writing fun, giving you a one-of-a-kind notebook with journal covers that inspire you to open up as you open the pages of your journal. With high-quality bonded paper (chose from several weights and styles of paper lining) and spiral wire binding, it's not only great as your dear diary, but also perfect for recipes, as an address book, and more. You'll find attractive designs on your journal ranging from patters and flowers to popular TV shows and political candidates. And when you need to further personalize your journal for extra inspiration, simply add your own photos, text, images or whatever to your journal cover.

  • Don’t try to write and then edit as you go. Trying to polish your work as you write will prevent you from getting into the “flow” of writing. It will prevent you from using your creative spirit. By editing as you go, you will be striving for perfection, which will stifle your creativity and need to get your thoughts, feelings, impressions down on paper. Strive to write continuously–edit your work after. And with journal writing, you don’t need to edit your work. Your personal journal is for your eyes only. It is a private writing experience.

    I’ve accumulated a lot of 3 ring binders with my journalling over the years. I notice that I tend to write a lot during difficult times and transitions, but less during the good times. As a result, I fear that anyone reading them in the future would get a very distorted impression of my life.

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