World Development Report 1994: Infrastructure ..

World Bank, “World Development Report 1994: Infrastructure for Development,” 1994

Human Development Report 1994

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  • According to some scholars, usually in underdeveloped and developing countries, inequality is more in comparison to developed nations in which inequality is in between low and moderate. In socialist countries, however the gap is less (Chenery, 1974). However, according to World Development Report 1994, inequality was more even in advanced countries though it was Brazil who topped in the list of inequality distribution of income followed by Mexico. Table 2.5 states distributions of income in selected countries (percentage distribution

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  • Now in its seventeenth annual edition, the World Development Report is an essential reference on the world economy and the state of social and economic development. Like earlier editions, the 1994 Report incorporates research from all over the world, analyzing the conditions that surround the growth process and offering insights on appropriate policy measures for the future. Drawing on the latest Bank research, this edition examines the importance of infrastructure in economic development, including sections on creating incentives to improve services in the public sector, creating market-oriented solutions to improving infrastructure, protecting the environment while reducing poverty, financing private initiatives in building infrastructure, and setting priorities in infrastructure reform. As always, the World Development Indicators contain the most comprehensive and up-to-date data on health and economic development in more than 185 countries. A timely survey and synthesis of contemporary economic issues worldwide, the World Development Report 1994 is invaluable to anyone interested in or concerned with economic development, international economics, and international politics.

    World development report 1994 by World Development Report 1994 examines the link between infrastructure and development and explores ways in which developing countries can improve both the provision and the quality of infrastructure .... Published date on: 1994 with total page: 254 pages. Publisher of World Development Report 1994 is World Bank Publications.

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