The Write Occasion Calligraphy. Elegant style hand calligraphy.

The Write Occasion Calligraphy. Return address in hand calligraphy.

How to Write Letters for All Occasions

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  • Feeling overwhelmed by where to begin? There are so many choices for invitations today. I have a proven, fun, stress free experience for you while deciding on your invitations for your special event. Why suffer? Let Write Occasions take the pain out of wording your invitations, selecting colors, dealing with address lists. Write Occasions has a system of timelines and checklists to make sure that no detail is over looked. We have serviced thousands of happy customers. We can do menus, greeting cards, party invitations, seating cards and more. We worry about the detail so you don’t have to.

    Practice Writing Topic Sentences. Write an Occasion/Position Statement or a Power Statement for each topic. Family pets Friends High school sports Drinking and driving Professional athletes Your hometown Roller skating The movies Courage Music

  • At The Write Occasion we can show you examples of each type of printing methods mentioned above and guide you in your decision to choose which fits best for you.

    Write Occasions specializes in offering personalized service to create unique wedding invitations, bar and bat mitzvah invitations, special event invitations, teacher gifts, holiday cards, corporate invitations and personalized gifts in paper.

    • When deciding how many invitations to order, allow for one invitation per family or couple. Not one invitation per guest.
    • Order an additional 10-25 extra sets of the wedding invitations and enclosures. Extras can be used as keepsakes or additions and mistakes and believe us mistakes do happen….
    • The actual street address should not be printed on the invitation. It should be reserved for the directional/accommodation card.
    • Response dates should be 2-4 weeks before wedding date. This allows for flexibility with caterers.
    • Some guests will forget to write in their response when mailing the reply card back to you. it’s a good idea to number the back of your reply cards with a faint penciled in number that you can correspond the guest name to on a separate list.
    • Be sure to have your invitation set weighed before mailing. The postage may very depending on how many enclosures are included as well the paper used and liners. And don’t forget to affix postage to the response set.
    • If available utilize the hand-cancel services at your local post office when mailing your invitations. There may be an additional fee for this service but it will minimize the scuffing and smashing of your invitation during the mailing process.
    • Please rely on the staff at THE WRITE OCCASION to help you with tips on proper etiquette and wording as well as envelope addressing.

    • Letterpress: Letterpress along with engraving is a centuries old printing method. Letterpress and engraving are old world crafts which survive in the modern world because of the particular beauty they each bring. Letterpress printing is produced with a metal plate with each letter carved out by hand. The letters on the plate are raised which is inked and then pressed into the paper. This creates a deep impression onto the soft, cottony surface of the paper.
    • Engraved: Engraving, like letterpress is a labor intensive process. It is produced when the copy of the invitation is etched into a copper plate. Ink is filled into the cavity of the letters. The engraving press then forces the paper into the cavity, creating a raised impression. The paper is literally raised with the ink adhering to the raised surface.
    • Blind-Embossing: Blind-embossing is the same process as engraving minus the ink. The letters or design is simply raised paper. Appropriately used as a monogram, a design element or return address on an envelope flap.
    • Thermography: Thermography is sometimes called “raised printing”. This printing technique simulates a raised look created from a resinous powder that is melted over the flat-printed ink. The letters are slightly shiny in texture. A very popular technique that looks like engraving but less expensive.

    At The Write Occasion we can show you examples of each type of printing methods mentioned above and guide you in your decision to choose which fits best for you.


    5. A Few Good Prepositions. See list of prepositions on next slide. Once you have learned to write Occasion/Position Statements and However Statements, try this list. Like the Occasion/ Position list, these words can jog your thinking and push you into a good topic sentence. Not all prepositions will work for your topic. Read your sentence out loud and make your decision once you hear the sentence. Remember that your topic sentence gives your audience a quick glance at your reason for writing and tells the readers what you intend to prove or explain.

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