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The Curse of the Mistwraith (Wars of Light & Shadow, Book 1)

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  • Janny Wurts Janny Wurst began her writing career while still in high school, when she wrote several novels which she never published. After graduation and a self-financed trip to Europe, Wurts knew that she wanted to create something spectacular but needed life experiences to add a flavor of reality to it. While still in college, she conceived the idea for "The Wars of Light and Shadow." But she was also drawn to painting, and first achieved success as a commercial illustrator for major New York publishing houses, with the intention of using her skill to create covers for her own books. After years of working as an illustrator, Wurts sold her first novel, "Sorcerer's Legacy," in 1982. It was followed by the "Cycle of Fire" coming of age trilogy: "Stormwarden" in 1984, "Keeper of the Keys" in 1986 and "Shadowfane" in 1988. Raymond E. Feist, a fellow fantasy author, asked Wurts to co-author a series set on the Tsurani world that he had created. The resulting Empire trilogy of "Daughter of the Empire," published in 1987, "Servant of the Empire" in 1990 and "Mistress of the Empire" in 1992, was an international bestseller which placed Wurts in the spotlight and named her a true fantasy writer. The project for which she is best known is the "Wars of Light and Shadow" series, of which new stories are still being written.

    Book Excerpts Peril's Gate Book Synopses Peril's Gate Janny Wurts Biography - Janny Wurts Janny Wurts lives in Florida, USA. She has written several books together with Raymond E. Feist, Daughter of the Empire, Servant of the Empire and Mistress of the Empire. Bibliography - Janny Wurts The Cycle of Fire The Wars of Light and Shadow The Empire Trilogy (with Raymond E. Feist) Other Books News - Janny Wurts Janny Wurts Interview (21. Feb 2000)

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    1. Kelewan- Saga 1. Die Auserwählte. Ein Roman von der anderen Seite des Spalts. by Raymond E. Feist, Janny Wurts, 1998-02-01
    2. Der Fluch des Nebelgeistes 5. Die Streitmacht von Vastmark. by Janny Wurts, 1999-08-01
    3. Der Feuerkreis 02. Schlüsselhüter. by Janny Wurts, 2000-10-01
    4. Der Feuerkreis 01. Sturmwächter. by Janny Wurts, 2000-10-01
    5. Die Kelewan-Saga 05/06. Die Schwarzen Roben / Tag der Entscheidung by Janny Wurts, 2006-03-31
    6. Der Fluch des Nebelgeistes 2. Herr des Lichts. by Janny Wurts, 1998-12-01
    7. Kelewan- Saga 2. Die Stunde der Wahrheit. Ein Roman von der anderen Seite des Spalts. by Raymond E. Feist, Janny Wurts, 1998-04-01
    8. Der Fluch des Nebelgeistes 3. Die Schiffe von Merior. by Janny Wurts, 1999-03-01
    9. Der Feuerkreis 03. Schattentempel. by Janny Wurts, 2000-10-01
    10. Der Fluch des Nebelgeistes 1. Meister der Schatten. Ins Deutsche übertragen von Meier, Frauke by Janny Wurts, 1998-10-01
    12. Shadowfane - Book Three of 'The Cycle of Fire' by Janny Wurts, 1988
    13. Der Fluch des Nebelgeistes 4. Die Saat der Zwietracht. by Janny Wurts, 1999-06-01
    14. Der Fluch des Nebelgeistes 6. Das Schiff der Hoffnung. by Janny Wurts, 1999-10-01

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