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Yevgeny Leonov starring in the Soviet classic ‘Gentlemen of Fortune,’

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  • in the fifth grade Yevgeny Leonov joined the school drama club . For a long time, students were rehearsing a play penned by them also . though premiere did not take place , but this work is sunk into the soul of the boy that was born in her spark of love for the theater .

    fall Yevgeny Leonov passed the exams and enrolled in Aeronautical Engineering College . Ordzhonikidze . While in college, Leonov took part in amateur performances , performed at student gatherings . Evgeny Pavlovich said: "I remember that it was there prepared " in the pool of " Chekhov learned and said , " Montera " Zoschenko , very fond of the Bloc , Esenina , read them by heart in the evenings , and I have been called , as once in school, "our artist ».

  • In the third year college Yevgeny Leonov joined the drama department of the Moscow theater studio , which was led by R. Zakharov , the famous choreographer of the Bolshoi theater .

    Yevgeny Leonov was born in an ordinary middle-class family in Moscow . His father - Pavel - worked as an engineer at an aircraft factory , and his mother - Anna Ilinichna - was a homemaker . Eugene was the second child in the family. 's brother Nick was his senior by two years .

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  • Borrowing Matchsticks
    Directed by Leonid Gaidai
    Risto Orko
    Written by Original play:
    Algot Untola
    Leonid Gaidai
    Tapio Vilpponen
    Vladlen Bakhnov
    Risto Orko
    Starring Yevgeny Leonov
    Vyacheslav Nevinny
    Music by Aleksandr Zatsepin
    Release dates
    • 1980 (1980)
    Running time
    94 min (Soviet version)
    100 min (Finnish version)
    Country Soviet Union
    Language Russian / Finnish

    When, trembling with excitement, Yevgeny Leonov read poetry unit before the selection committee of the Moscow theater studio, the committee members were crying with laughter. The young man was ready to sink into the ground. At the door, he heard: "Welcome to the studio. You are enrolled. " The selection committee could not see in it the dramatic hero, but I saw a comedian.

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At the peak of his popularity in the 1970s, actor Yevgeny Leonov was one of the Soviet Union's most recognizable actors. His short, round stature, expressive eyes, broad and open face, slow movements, and slightly slurred speech made him ideal for the comic roles in which he specialized. But his popularity did not come from his humorous appearance, rather from his ability to provide depth, realism, and, at times, sympathy to even his broadest caricatures. Graduating from Moscow's VGIK, Leonov studied under the esteemed Mikhail Yanshin in 1947. The following year he joined the Stanislavsky Drama Theatre. He was discovered while playing Lariosik in a theatrical production of Mikhail Bulgakov's The White Guard, a role that was passed down to him by its originator, Yanshin. He made his film debut in Lucky Flight (1949). Though he would most frequently essay comic heros, Leonov occasionally played villains, as in The Rumyantsev Case (1956) wherein cowardice leads him to betray a friend. His rare straight dramatic roles include that of a disillusioned WWII veteran in Belorussky Station (1971) and an easily duped, psychologically troubled father in the comedy-drama Starshy Syn/Elder Son (1974). Leonov's most popular films include Georgi Daneliya's Afonya (1975), Gentlemen of Fortune (1972), and Ordinary Miracle (1978). As further evidence of his versatility, Leonov provided the voice of Winnie the Pooh in an animated Russian version of A.A. Milne's classic children's tale. ~ Sandra Brennan, Rovi