Yoo Hae Jin will be joining 1 Night 2 Days.

Yoo Hae Jin flashes a big smile!

Record label: Yoo Hae Jin
Jail Breakers
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Stage Name:  Yoo Hae Jin
The Unjust
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Cha Seung Won, who regretted that Yoo Hae Jin was not able to participate, was shocked when Yoo Hae Jin surprised him on set.

The Youth (English Subtitled)

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  • While preparing their meals, actor Yoo Hae Jin exchanged small talk with Son Ho Joon in order to bond and break the awkward tension between the two.Â

    On the February 6th airing of tvN's 'Three Meals A Day', actor Yoo Hae Jin desperately failed at bonding with  after scratching at a still fresh wound when asking Son Ho Joon about his current relationship status.

  • Yoo Hae Jin asked Son Ho Joon how he spent his Christmas, and he answered, "" Yoo Hae Jin then quietly asked, "" Son Ho Joon then revealed he broke up with his last girlfriend not too long ago to which Yoo Hae Jin replied, saying, "."Â

    Reports of actress Kim Hye Soo and actor Yoo Hae Jin ending their relationship began surfacing on the morning of April 4th, leading to much confus…

  • “I did the guiyomi player before, but that was because I was so hungry,” Yoo Hae Jin told him. “No way I’m doing the sexy dance.”

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In the movie, Yoo Hae Jin teaches Daegil more than just playing cards, he teaches him the wisdoms of life and shows perfect collaboration with him.