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Sukdershan: Palmdoc, THe MMR maintained by your goodself is a fantastic site

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  • Sir, since your goodself is holding the Shipping portfolio, and that you chose to address a public meeting at Bambooflat, I consider it worth appraising your goodself about a couple of key issues concerning a large section of rural South Andaman and seek settlement of those long pending issues with your kind intervention.

    At the outset I extend hearty welcome to Mr Nitin Gadkari, Union Minister of Shipping, Road Transport and Highways. I am extremely delighted to know, starting 14 February, 2015 your goodself is going to spare four valuable days reviewing functioning of various departments and projects being undertaken for development of these islands.

  • The below Ngram Viewer shows some trend. Your kind self has been very rarely used compared with your good self and your goodself. You don't see your kindself here.

    Sir since your goodself holds the Shipping portfolio and the case that is being cited pertains to acquisition of ATI’s landed property for development of Port Related Facilities by Port Management Board, I feel your intervention could help resolve the deadlock that has been blocking settlement of retirement dues of over 900 employees for the last more than 14 years as of now.

    your goodself

    Sir, your answer says "You don't see 'your kindself' here". Do you say 'your kindself' was not in vogue? Were only 'your kind self', 'your goodself' and 'your good self' in vogue? Please shed some light. – Dinesh Kumar Garg Dec 10 '15 at 3:07

    I have seen people using "your goodself" or "your kindself" in place of simple "you" to refer to a high-placed official. They use the expressions just the way the expression "your Honour" is used. Is it grammatical to use "your goodself" or "your kindself" in place of "you"?

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We will act upon your request, as soon as we receive the completed application form, that is duly signed by your goodself. Should there be any conflict of interest among requesters due to seating limitations, then the organisers will have the discretionary powers.