The souvenirs that are part of the yummy durian collection are:

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Table for Two: A Yummy Collection of Restaurant-Themed Romances

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  • The days are cooler, the nights are longer, and the pumpkins are spilling over each other in the local farmer’s pumpkin patch. Mmmm. I love the flavor of pumpkin and soon I’ll be sharing my favorite pumpkin pie recipe with all of you (that you make from a fresh pumpkin and not from a can of Libby’s puree). But for now I’ve rounded up a yummy collection of pumpkin recipes for you (well, and for me too)!

    A woman’s path to self fulfillment changes as her life transitions from childhood, sometimes to motherhood, to maturity, to caring for the elders, and finally to the elder sage. The Yummy Collection is about honoring and nourishing that epic voyage women have taken since before recorded time. This soundtrack reflects the “me” that we all have still intact even though it may be lost under a pile of laundry. It is still there. May you see magic in every sunrise. Wendy

  • Our goal is to offer The Yummy Collection in retail shops everywhere. We also can create unique custom blends from your gardens or with ingredients native to your region. Our products cross the line between what you put on your body and in your body, so can be featured in cosmetic as well as food areas. Please contact us for more information about our wholesale options for small shops. We are also accepting orders from larger stores, but as we make our product fresh and in small batches, please anticipate production time added to the delivery date.

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