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The Weinsteins are ramping up. Zach Braff and Amanda Peet are in negotiations to star in the upcoming comedy

The Ex (Unrated Widescreen Edition)

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  • The Weinsteins are ramping up. Zach Braff and Amanda Peet are in negotiations to star in the upcoming comedy "Fast Track" for 2929 Prods. and This Is That Prods. The film will be released domestically by the WeinsteinCo, Bob and Harvey Weinstein's new company.

    They shot parts of this movie on my block and seeing it come together as a production looked great, but when i watched the final outcome, i really enjoyed it. Zach Braff and Amanda Peet did phenomenal and it was a really good comedy all together.

  • Jason Bateman shined in this average comedy featuring Zach Braff andAmanda Peet. Despite being in a wheelchair for the entire movie, JasonBateman does a fantastic job making the audience despise his characterChip Sanders. Tom Reilly (Braff) moves back to his wife's home town totake a job working with his father-in-law. Despite his nice-guyefforts, co-worker Chip just won't let Tom feel like he's doinganything right. When we discover that Chip is actually Tom's wife's ex,Bateman's performance had me wishing that Zach Braff would strangleChip in a fit of rage.

    Zach Braff plays the likable main character who, just when you start tocheer for him, finds some idiotic way to disappoint you. I expected alittle more from Amanda Peet after her hysterical performance in TheWhole Nine Yards, but she performed solidly.

    Jason Bateman proves in this flick just why he received so muchcritical acclaim for Arrested Development.

    To say that Jason Bateman saves from collapsing in on itself would be to suggest that The Ex is actually a worthwhile film, which it basically isn't. It's not the worst thing ever, and there are some laugh-out-loud moments (all of which feature Jason Bateman or else another skilled comedian, such as Amy Poehler or Fred Armison), but it's not really worth the price of admission. My advice: Unless you are a die-hard Jason Bateman fan and refuse to miss a thing he does, then you should wait — not until this is out on DVD, but until it's on TBS at some random time like 2:00 PM the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

    Zach Braff and Amanda Peet star as Tom and Sofia, a young couple pregnant with their first child. When the baby is born, Tom loses his job and the family move from New York to Ohio where Sofia's father gives Tom a job at his advertising agency. There Tom meets Chip (Jason Bateman), his wheelchair-bound mentor who also happens to still have a massive crush on Sofia from their high school cheerleading days. What follows is a string of SNL-type skits in which Chip tries to sabotage Tom's career, while Sofia learns stay-at-home mothering is not exactly what she wants. There's more to learn about The Ex, though, if you

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