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Zach Crane on his way to a win in the 19-34 expert category. Photo by: Selective Vision Photography

Zach Johnson; Ben Crane (Trading Card) 2012 SP Game Used Edition Tour Gear Combos Green Shirts #TG2-JC

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  • Designers and Zachary Crane attend #UNCHAINME-An Art Bike Show By Martone Cycling Co. at Ron Robinson on May 21, 2015 in Santa Monica, California.

    Who is ? Aside from being a gorgeous all America bred man with supermodel good looks, he is an amazing and famed artist. Hollywood is calling him by name and many of his subjects are celebrities. He also includes himself in his artwork which is very refreshing. I have never seen artwork like that of Zachary’s. His portraits come to life in an array of colors and themes so crazy they make Jean-Michel Basquiat seem sane and sensible. I stumbled upon Zachary Crane haphazardly on Facebook one day. I remember I was very intrigued by him and later found out through his profile he was an artist. And a very successful one. I befriended him through Facebook and I couldn’t stop looking at his artwork. He captures a raw and often never portrayed unsightliness of celebrities whose ultimate goal is to look beautiful and perfect. Some of his work includes self-portraits in the nude which are very alluring, intimate and carnal. He makes your heart race. And I think that is essentially his goal! I assume of course. There is a sense of humor behind all his work and it is often accompanied by the color pink. Zachary is a very talented young artist and I anticipate that his artwork will continue to be far from ordinary and mundane.

  • Zach has found that Christa brings out the best in him, helping him to be more responsible and conscientious without losing his ability to laugh, kick back and relax. He has likewise helped Christa moderate her occasional bouts of overwork, teaching her to be happy in herself and not constantly chase the next new blush of accomplishment. Despite bumps and troubles in their own love lives, they have persevered together, and have begun to supplant Brandon and Meredith as the go-to couple for relationship advice. Both are open, cheerful people with a smile for everyone. They have higher sexual compatibilities than most, as Zach is possessed of such outrageous stamina that Christa rarely fails to climax before he does. (If anything, the opposite is sometimes true!) Christa has encouraging Zach's emerging Christianity, and the two are deeply involved in local ministry (especially music ministry) and hope to remain so for most of their lives. While babysitting Laurelyn was an abrupt awakening to the harsh realities of childbearing, the Cranes are preparing to have children of their own. Zachary Crane has found his self and his place, and looks forward to helping others do the same.

    Zachary Howard Crane is the only child of George and Marcia Higgenbotham. Zach's parents went through a divorce when he was three, and his mother reverted to using her maiden name. Zach has never known his father, but his mother, a registered nurse at a local hospital, has done well by him as far as he is concerned.

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Mary-Kate and Ashely Olsen by Zachary Crane