KJ: Do you now go by the name David Scott or Zale Dalen?

Jello Biafra dans le film de Zale Dalen.

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  • Zale Dalen: I initially wanted to be a writer, but I knew I would starve writing fiction and I wasn’t interested in journalism, despite a very short gig with the (they found out I was totally useless and fired me). Short stories had no market and novels took years to write and had a slim chance of returning any money. I was looking for the biggest market for fiction, and that looked like movies and television. So I joined the Simon Fraser University Film Workshop to find out something about writing for movies. Stan Fox and Tom Shandell were running the workshop, which had only been running for a semester before I discovered it. Peter Bryant was more or less the group leader, and other students included George Johnson, who is still a producer with the NFB in Vancouver was interested in editing, Bryan Small who disappeared into television work, Doug White who became a production manager, Tony Westman, now a very accomplished DOP and television director, Ron Oreaux, one of Vancouver’s best known cameramen, and Rick Patton. These people all became the core of my film connections in Vancouver. The film scene was small, but there was lots happening.

    Now that Rena/Laara and I are divorced and my father is dead, I would like to go back to my original name. I don’t like the connection to the Kabalarians, because I’m a skeptic. But it’s a hard name to drop. Zale Dalen is still my legal name, and it’s just too much expense and bother to change it back. Also, I hate to throw away that filmography.

  • When Zale Dalen received virtually unanimous critical praise for his 1977 debut feature , it should have cemented the film’s status as an essential component of cinematic Canadiana. Instead the film went on to become something of a secret handshake in cult film circles – revered but consigned to obscurity. It had a brief release under the title from Academy Home Entertainment in the early 80s, but has never been released on outside of cost-prohibitive institutional use.

    ZD: I legally changed my name to Zale Dalen from my birth name of David James Scott back in 1971 for both professional and personal reasons having a lot to do with the relationship with my father, David Henry Scott. I have been Zale Dalen longer than I was David Scott, but after my father died I wanted to go back to my birth name. That has turned out to be… impractical. If you google David Scott you get thousands of hits, none of which are me, though I suppose I’m down the list someplace. Google Zale Dalen and I’m top of the list. That, plus my filmography, has some value. So the short answer is that I go by Zale Dalen but some people call me David.

    Welcome to the Zale Dalen Website

    My wife and I have recently returned to Canda after nine years of living in China.

    This site is a new beginning.

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    Zale Dalen
    Canadian film director and television director

      Never released on VHS, Zale Dalen’s rarely seen dark comedy is a Canadian riff on REPO MAN that swirls together a satiric stew of politics, TV and hockey. Starring Jello Biafra as the slimy mayor’s right-hand man and CanPunk legend Joey Shithead, this two-disc package released by Alternative Tentacles also includes the film’s soundtrack, which features D.O.A., The Beatnigs and Art Bergmann.

    Zale Dalen is a Canadian film and television director

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