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Patton Versus the Panzers: The Battle of Arracourt, September 1944

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  • Ms. Zaloga was a member and past president of the Riverhead Woman’s Club and she was a member of the Grace Episcopal Church in Riverhead. Family members said she loved to garden, to read her favorite books and to travel with her husband, Bruno Zaloga Jr.

    Prior to joining ZAi Mr. Zaloga was employed as a senior strategy & marketing executive for a recognized organization in the technology absorption market, and as a Principal Consultant for a medium sized privately held management consulting firm. Prior yet he was the executive in charge of Professional Services for an industry leading internet only financial services firm. In these capacities, he was responsible for developing integrated mission critical business plans, business integration strategies, corporate marketing strategies, and bundling. Additionally his role included assessing Emerging Markets and Technologies. His responsibilities also included development and deployment of release strategies, as well as prioritizing initiatives based on alignment to corporate objectives.

  • According to family members, family was most important to Ms. Zaloga. She encouraged her children, Jeanne Lewin, Gretchen Mead and Tom Zaloga to do good things and increase their learning. She also loved telling them stories of her ancestrial families: the Steuarts, Sleights and Schmersals.

    The blog War is Boring has posted a new article asking the question “has the Kremlin fallen out of love with it’s killer BMPT?” The article notes that the BMPT Terminator was absent in the recent military parade, a sign that it may have fallen out of favor with the Russian Military. The article reports that the Terminator may be superseded by the T-15 Armata. The article quotes tank expert Steven Zaloga who makes some interesting comments regarding the new family of vehicles introduced at the Victory Day Parade.

    Steve Zaloga

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    Steve Zaloga

    Robert E. (Bob) Zaloga is the founding partner and principal at Zaloga Advisory International, LLC (ZAi). Bob’s professional career includes 25 years of experience managing on a life-cycle basis and includes leveraging several concepts from ideation to public offering. His tenure includes consulting, strategy, managerial, and operational experience in the healthcare, financial services, technology, entertainment, power generation, and nuclear engineering sectors. He has most recently been responsible for providing North American go-to-market partnership solutions for recognized organizations in the high-growth mobility, online entertainment and iGaming space. Solutions include comprehensive lifecycle oriented market analysis, recommendations, and partnership based general management services focused on delivering complex multi-channel sponsorships in the music, internet, and horse-racing industries for recognized leaders in online entertainment. Bob’s ability to think outside the box and integrate emerging and existing technologies resulted in a partnership with Microsoft that lead to his negotiating the first branded entertainment (poker) sponsorship on the Xbox360 platform.

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... why were the Germans able to destroy the French Armies in such a short period of time [during WWII]? From the tank vs. tank perspective, this book reveals all. I found it easy to read, easy to understand, and very enlightening. I recommend it highly to anyone interested in this aspect of military history. "Andrew Birkbeck, IPMS/USA" I am delighted that an authority like Mr. Zaloga has created this comparison of the Char B1 bis and the PzKpfw IV. While the book is extremely detailed, it remains gripping and easy to read. "Frederick Boucher, Armorama""