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Bartholomew, D. S. (1990). Gold deposits of Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe Geological Survey, Mineral Resources Survey No. 23

The Geology of the Belingwe Greenstone Belt, Zimbabwe: A study of Archaean continental crust (Geological Society of Zimbabwe / Special Publication)

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  • 1:100,000. ZimbabweGeological Survey Bulletin 94. 1991. The Bulletin was produced under atechnical cooperation agreement between the governments of Zimbabwe and theUnited Kingdom. The Bulletin includes the 1:100,000 Geological Series Harare MapSheet; a single-sheet map in with legend anddescriptive text. The Bulletin is a study of the regional geology, economicgeology, and water resources the region around Harare. The region is anassemblage of mafic to felsic rocks and associated .The Bulletin is divided into two general parts covering general geology and theeconomic geology of the region.

    1:100,000. Zimbabwe Geological Survey Bulletin 101. 1994. Includes the map Landsat TM Image Interpretation of the Regionaland Gold Bearing Structures of the Midlands Greenstone Belt, Zimbabwe at1:100,000. The Bulletin describes the regional and mine-scale structuralcontrols of gold mineralization in the greenstone belts of the Zimbabwe .

  • Zimbabwe - The Geology of the Country and .1:100,000. Zimbabwe Geological Survey Bulletin 92. 1991. The Bulletin wasproduced under a technical cooperation agreement between the governments ofZimbabwe and the United Kingdom. The Bulletin includes two map sheets from theZimbabwe Geological Series 1:100,000; the sheet and the - sheet. The Bulletin describes an area of approximately 8000 sq. km innorth-east Zimbabwe. The area studied is located at the north-eastern corner ofthe Zimbabwe and includes the junction between the Zambezi and Mozambique belts.

    The Zimbabwe Geological Survey, founded in 1910, is Zimbabwe's premier geological research organization. It is overseen by the country's . The Geological Survey is charged with collecting and archiving information relating to the natural resources present within Zimbabwe. In the past, it has cooperated with the on and geochemical exploration initiatives, but due to economic issues and a loss of funding, it has been unable to continue mapping.

    Title: Zimbabwe geological series 1:100.000, sheet Bulawayo.
    Theme: Geology
    Sheet: Bulawayo
    Scale: 1/100000
    Projection: Mercator Transverse Universelle
    Authors: Garson M.S.
    Editor: Zimbabwe Geol. Surv.
    Edition place: Harare
    Edition date: 1991
    Collation: 1 flle
    Source: In : GARSON (M.S.) - The geology of the Bulawayo greenstone belt and the surrounding granitic terrain. Zimbabwe Geol. Surv., Bull. 93. 1995. 294 p.
    Covered area in yellow.

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An international symposium hosted by the Geological Society of Zimbabwe in association with the Zimbabwe Geological Survey to commemorate the centennial anniversary of establishment of the ZGS, including a three-day field excursion to the Belingwe Greenstone Belt and the Great Dyke led by Tony Martin. Organizing sub-committee, A. du Toit and T.J. Broderick, assisted by Lesley Frost.