Zurich Opera House Orchestra, Zurich Opera House Chorus

It is of course home to the Zurich Opera and every year many productions take place here.

BEETHOVEN, L. van: Fidelio (Zurich Opera, 2008)

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  • Originally, the Zurich Opera House was designed as a playhouse, a theater of the spoken word. It therefore makes for excellent speech intelligibility, but the reverberation time is too short for opera performances. This can be extended with SpatialSound Wave. Instead of audio, the researchers send reflections to certain points of the space. "We add another signal to the original sound source and can affect the time and length of the reflections," says Rodigast. This makes the room larger. As if the walls are being moved to the back.

    Morning sightseeing of this sparkling city. Among the sights are the Greater Minster Church, the Old Town with its Roman Castle and the gothic Prediger Church completed in the 14th Century. This afternoon we will see the opera UN BALLO IN MASCARA by Verdi at the newly renovated Zurich Opera House.

  • «Opera Calling» was an artistic intervention into the cultural system of the Zurich Opera. By means of audio bugs placed within the auditorium of the local opera house, the outside public is given access to the performances on stage. The performances are retransmitted to the public not through broadcasting, but by telephoning each person individually.

    From March 9th to May 26th 2007, audio bugs, hidden in the auditorium, transmitted the performances of the Zurich Opera to randomly selected telephone land-lines in the city of Zurich. In proper style of a home-delivery-service, anyone that picked up their telephone, was able to listen to the on-going opera performances for as long as s/he wanted through a live connection with the audio bug signal. As soon as the listener would hang up, the telephone machine would call the next random number.

    With the use of the telephone for the dissemination of the opera transmissions, a virtual auditory space is opened not as blanket coverage (as with broadcasting media) but as a home-delivery service: Every person is individually connected and can eaves-drop at their leisure from the comfort of their living room. In total over 90 hours of opera performances were retransmitted to 4363 households.

    The Zurich Opera launched a search for the bugs and in a first reaction threatened to take legal action if the transmissions were not stopped and the bugs not removed. There followed a debate in the media over cultural ownership and cultural subsidies. Eventually the Zurich Opera decided to tolerate «Opera Calling» as a temporary enhancement of their performance repertoire.

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Zurich Opera, Zürich, Switzerland

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