ZWIGOFF -- Yes. It was a focus group in New York, though.

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Ghost World (a review of the Terry Zwigoff film)

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  • Am 26. August beginnt in Basel die 6. Ausgabe des «Gässli-Filmfestivals» für Jungfilmer. Ehrengast und Jurypräsident ist der amerikanische «Crumb»-Regisseur Terry Zwigoff, der mit mit Scarlett Johansson «Ghost World» und mit Billy Bob Thornton «Bad Santa» drehte.

    A filmmaker know best for movies based around misfits, Tyler Zwigoff has carved out a niche in Hollywood all for his special brand of movies. His 1995 documentary "Crumb" won the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance Film Festival. His Oscar-nominated 2001 film "Ghost World" jump-started Scarlett Johansson's career. His 2003 film "Bad Santa" shocked and entertained audiences by showing exactly how bad a Santa Billy Bob Thornton could be.

  • So well-regarded was the documentary (1994) that the failure of it and of the same year's equally acclaimed (1994) to result in Oscar nominations caused a media furor which forced the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences to revamp its documentary nomination process. Robert Crumb is a respected but controversial underground comic book artist and writer whose creations include the popular "Keep on Truckin'" and (1972). Crumb's adult subject matter includes weird sexual obsessions, social criticism, and personal, confessional observations about abnormal human psychology. The genesis and meaning of Crumb's work is explained through a series of interviews with his colleagues, former lovers, and especially family members, which reveal a horrific upbringing that has crippled both Crumb and his siblings -- but has also fueled the artist's groundbreaking work. A long-time friend of the film's subject, director Terry Zwigoff followed (1994) with another comic book-related project, (2000), a drama based on a story from the anthology series "Eightball" by Daniel Clowes.

    Dear Mr. Zwigoff, thank you very much for giving your time for this interview. I wish you much success for your film projects and a great time in Switzerland.

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    Tema: 2006- EL ARTE DE ESTRANGULAR- (Terry Zwigoff)  (Leído 366 veces)

    Zwigoff: Well, there’s a bit of genius that happened totally by accident (though we’re willing to take full credit for it). Three weeks after we filmed the high school graduation scene, I picked out some really repressed, Republican-looking guys to use as customers in the porn shop sequence. If you study the film closely, you’ll notice that the white-haired, respectable guy we have playing the high school principal during the graduation scene is the same guy I cast as one of the porn shop customers. Without knowing it I cast the same guy for both scenes! It’s a paranoid, cynical moment I could have never dreamed up.

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TERRY ZWIGOFF -- You could argue that they're all about outsiders and misfits and underdogs and generally unsympathetic characters whom I find sympathetic, or at least drive to make sympathetic. But I try to have them play it honestly and truthfully, whether it's documentary or not.