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Nancy Schwalbe Zydler, Tom Zydler

The Panama Guide: A Cruising Guide to the Isthmus of Panama

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  • Currently pursuing photography for "purely aesthetic and artistic values," Zydler works in both 35-mm and a medium format of 21/4 x 2 ¼ inches. For his 35-mm work, Zydler has found a 100-mm true macro lens serves as his "magic vehicle" into the world of flowers. "I rarely achieve a satisfying image on the first encounter with a subject, says Zydler. "Usually it results from studying the interaction of light with color and form and coming back and back again in search of the perfect light." ...

    Although flower subjects form a larger body of his portfolio, trees have retained Zydler's lasting attention. "As a nature photographer removed from forests, I approach every tree very closely and tend to see each one as an individual, and see my images of trees as portraiture. Perhaps because I witness an unabated assault on trees in the Concrete Belt of South Florida, I want to personalize them."

  • The sail from Cartagena to the San Blas is generally a fast passagewith winds at your back quarter, so time your passage carefully for daylightarrival. Follow the instructions in the green Zydler guide and only enterthe San Blas at one of the three entrance channels. There are many unchartedreefs off-shore making other entrances dangerous without local knowledge.

    Frances B tied up at the Battle Harbor pier. Tom and Nancy Zydler found little competition for dock or anchorage space on the wide open Labrador coast.

    Author Nancy Zydler
    Tom Zydler
    Cartography Georgia
    Edition 2001 Edition
    Features Paperback

  • Author  Nancy Schwalbe Zydler
    Tom Zydler
    Cartography Panama
    Edition 2nd Edition
    Features Paperback

    The more challenging Labrador sailing begins after Hamilton Inlet which leads inland for 200 miles to Goose Bay. There are heaps of rocks generously scattered in unsurveyed waters on both sides of a belt of soundings marked on charts “track usually followed.” Precipitous brooding headlands like Cape Harrison reach into the Labrador Sea; North Atlantic-sized swells exploding against these unyielding bastions of stone. Currents flow fast and bring birds to plankton rich waters — fulmars, gannets, terns, diving razorbills and puffins. After Cape Harrigan we ran inland to the tickles weaving among countless islands. Populated mostly by Labrador’s indigenous people, the town of Nain, the last settlement on this coast, flashed by as Frances B charged by in a muscular southeast breeze. It was a fair wind and we were in a hurry as the short sailing season for smaller vessels in Labrador ends with the last days of August. Days later we drifted under the towering monumental bare rock walls of Mugford Tickle.

    All summer up there we watched tropical storms barreling north and then banking eastward along the coast of Newfoundland. We thought we had escaped from all that hurricane business. Until Aug. 29, when all doubt vanished that the remains of Hurricane Irene would go right over us. Tied to the sturdy wharves of Punchbowl, an abandoned fish processing port, we had company. Leaving their gear catching turbot offshore, four long liners from Newfoundland sought shelter here, too. The hurricane party continued as the wind swerved from the south to northwest, whistling and hooting and holding Frances B over at a good angle for some hours. After the first week of September the winds farther north began their autumnal shrieking, but we were already tracking south towards Bonne Bay in Newfoundland and, later, to a relatively balmy fall in Nova Scotia.

    Tom Zydler worked as captain on a 94-foot expedition yacht during a four-year voyage between Antarctica, Alaska/Aleutians, Japan, Philippines to Papua New Guinea, Indonesia, Thailand, Indian Ocean, South Africa and West Africa to the Med. He now sails with his wife Nancy on their Mason 44 Frances B.

Zydler, Nancy Schwalbe/ Zydler, Tom

Tom Zydler enjoys a late-September cruise through the fragrant inlets and rocky islets of Maine sailing in his classic Mason 44 Frances B